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Bob Metelus Studio: Website Re-Launch Today at 3:03pm

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Behind every Image, Video and Design that we see in the world, there’s a story to be told. At Bob Metelus Studio, we provide our clients the method to showcase these individual stories to their audience and engage them. What makes us different is the ability to develop “Your Story” from concept to reality through Visual Production, Brand Strategy, and Design. Our goal is to deliver a vision our clients and audience can FEEL! Share...

Thought of the Day

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“I wish I could freeze this moment right here, right now and live in it forever.”

— Petta Mellark

A Bohemian Rhapsody……by Black and White (A Sneak Peak)

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A Boho Vintage Styled Wedding by Black and White Photography A beautiful vintage frame from the early 1900’s adorned with flowers was the sweet backdrop for this woodland ceremony. Nothing screams romance more than a golden sunset, beautiful pink roses, and candles. Ultimately the raw beauty of nature, coupled with the details brought forth a beauty that enveloped the scene and the couple as the romance was brought to life. Contributors: Photographers: Black and White Photography Bride: Rachel Stabler |IG: @RachelStabler Groom: Aaron Bryant |IG: @TheAaronBryant Bridesmaid: Tiffany Acosta |IG: @_TiffanyChanel_ Groomsman: Antwan Reid |IG: @Ant_G_007 Officiant: Rev. Dr. Mario Garcia| Web: Cake Designer: Butter Creamery |IG: @TheButterCreamery Floral Designer: Mekaso Creations |IG: @MekasoCreations Vintage furniture/decor: Sweetly Vintage Co.|IG: @SweetlyVintageCo Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Macy’s Stylist: Calyann Barnett Jewelry: Gold and Ice | IG: @GoldandIceInc Makeup Artist: Kelly Montes |IG: @MakeUpByKelly Hair Stylist: Kelly Montes |IG: @MakeUpByKelly Day of Coordinator: Inimitable Events |IG: @iEventPlan Event Venue: AD Barnes Park Share...

Black & White……The Beginning

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In life, grey areas are the moments in life that anchor in confusion. They are those unfulfilling moments of uncertainty and often boredom. Black and white is clarity. When a wedding engagement occurs, there is no grey area. She says yes and life—the flower throwing, incessant hand-holding, ballroom-breakdancing-life begins. These moments are the occasions that warrant capture. Hence, the ability to convey your emotions in a way that is clear and natural to you is where Black & White comes in. With over 20 years experience combined, we are trained in capturing the black and white moments. Being able to recognize the slices of your life that speak incontestably to your future selves for decades to come is a gift that not many possess. With undeniably natural and whimsical approach, together we filter through the grey and collar the flash of surety that breezes across a groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. In the same breath, we use our visionary skills to immortalize the joy a bride feels upon hearing that first “I do.” Together, we form a dynamic duo that creates a sure style that leaves no room for grey. Black & White Photography’s style is two sides of the same coin. Clean but soft, commercial but free-spirited, grand and very detailed. The balance of the coin is what makes us unique. The consistency of our design is what makes us the obvious choice for your story. Let Black & White Photography tell your story in a way that creates new words, discovers new punctuations and highlights new versions of who you are. In a way that leaves no room for confusion. Because in this life, there are enough GREY AREAS……… Black & White, LLC. Share...

Thought of The Moment.

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You Cant Do EPIC SH*% with BASIC People!


(T.O.T.D.) Thought of the Day

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Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

Bruno Barbey

Path To Purpose

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The celebration of one’s birthday is the celebration of not only their life but their purpose. When we are born the path to purpose is immediately set in motion. Although the discovery of purpose is a journey that can take a lifetime, every decision made and action taken ultimately determines the impact that our existence will have on not only ourselves but those around us.  It is the duty of every single individual to not only discover their purpose but to acknowledge and act on it. The failure to do so is the failure to unlock the full potential that resides within each of us. This in turn robs society of reaching its full potential. Whether its becoming great at capturing great moments, discovering cures for diseases or simply being the best father, husband and friend that you can be, we all must understand that the realization of our purpose begins the defining of our legacy. The footprint that when discovered allows those that will come after you to have a full understanding of who you were and how your life made living a little easier and purposeful for all that you came in contact with.  The comfort in all of this is knowing that the journey is not one that must be walked alone. As you set off on your path you will encounter others along the way that will help, support, share and most importantly believe in your purpose. When you begin your walk, it is then and only then that you will begin making strides to living a full and meaningful life.   Share...

Carpe Diem

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You can’t capture the air. The sun will rise to the occasion whether you choose to or not. The waters of the oceans will flow even if you decide to stand still. The greatness that came before you can’t be denied. The potential of those after you can’t be ignored. However, the only thing that matters is now. That which is meant to be will be.     Share...